Millionaire's Row: more interactions in Machi Koro

Machi Koro Millionaire's Row is the 2nd expansion of Machi Koro, a card-drafting dice game. Millionaire's Row brought new cards and a new rule, Renovation.

The Renovation system uses triangle tokens with construction vehicles. Cards which got Renovation tokens, temporally stop working until Renovation tokens would be removed by activating the cards.

Activate "Renovation"

New Renovation tokens are placed on cards to inactivate the effects of cards for a while. Once dice results activate the cards with Renovation tokens, tokens on cards which to be activated are removed instead of activating cards.

To use Renovation tokens, players should construct buildings which have the "Renovation" ability.

  1. Renovation Company (roll: 8) [MAJOR ESTABLISHMENT: get activated when you roll by yourself]
    • Select a non-unique type of cards (neither Major Establishments nor Landmarks).
    • All cards of selected type get a Renovation token, and will be inactivated to get renovations.
    • Players who have the cards of the type should pay 1 coin for each of the cards.
  2. Winery (roll: 9) [SECOND INDUSTRY: get activated when you roll by yourself]
    • Wineries produce wines which are more profitable than other products, but need time to get matured.
    • Get 6 coins for each vineyard you have.
    • Wineries get Renovation tokens after the income step.

Cards to interrupt other players

Cards brought by the Millionaire's Row expansion have abilities to interrupt other players, and to make it easy to catch up other players.

Primary Industries (activated by any players)

  • Corn Fields (roll: 3-4)
    • Get 1 coin if you have 0 or 1 constructed Landmarks.

Secondary Industries (only you can activate)

  • General Stores (roll: 2)
    • Get 2 coins if you have 0 or 1 constructed Landmarks.
  • Moving Companies (roll: 9-10)
    • Transfer a non-unique building to another player.
    • If you had the buildings to give, get 4 coins from the Bank, not the players you gave a card.
    • This is useful if you have Loan Offices (-2 income).

Restaurants (activated by other players)

  • French Restaurants (roll: 5)
    • Get 5 coins if the player who activated French Restaurants has more than 1 Landmarks constructed.
  • Member's Only Clubs (roll: 12-14)
    • Get ALL coins if the player who activated the Clubs has more than 2 Landmark constructed.
    • This means only one player can acquire the income.

 Major Establishments (only you can activate)

  • Parks (roll: 11-13)
    • Gather ALL coins from players and redistribute equally.
    • In case coins cannot be split evenly, take some from the Bank to redistribute.
    • Major Establishments are applied after income.

Cards included in Millionaire's Row

Primary Industries

  cost roll income sub-type special
Corn Field 2 3-4 1 Crop If you have 0 or 1 Landmark constructed
Vineyard 3 7 3 Crop  

Secodary Industries

  cost roll income type special
General Store 0 2 2 Store If you have 0 or 1 Landmark constructed
Demolition Company 2 4 (8) Move Unconstruct one Landmark, then get 8 coins
Loan Office -5 5-6 -2 Move You get loans and return some every time activated
Winery 3 9 6 / each Vineyard Factory Once activated, it gets to be renovated
Moving Company 2 9-10 (4) Move Give a non-unique building, then get 4 coins
Soda Bottling Plant 5 11 1 / every Restaurant constructed (not only yours) Factory  


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