Harbor expansion: Rule and new cards added to Machi Koro

Machi Koro: Harbor Expansion introduced several features into Machi Koro. With this expansion, a Machi Koro game requires more strategies to win and gives us more fun!

Machi Koro: Harbor Expansion consists of additional basic cards to administrate the 5th player to join, and 13 kinds of new cards including Harbor and Airport. Although Harbor Expansion contains lots of new cards, the most alteration introduced by Harbor Expansion was its new card drafting method. Cards newly introduced in Harbor Expansion provide ways to prevent others.

New card drafting rule

Base game Market

In Machi Koro base games, we prepared all cards sorted according to card types and openly lined up to form the Market. This open Market let us choose any card until they run out. And in base games expected money for Convenience Stores and Bakeries were higher than others, even though they are available in early rounds.

This was thought as a game-destroyer, and made some gamers feel that Machi Koro depended only on their luckiness and was not for them.

New Harbor Market

A rule introduced by Harbor Expansion changed this point. In Harbor expanded gaming, we should shuffle all cards except for Landmarks (the goals of a game, and all players have them from beginning with under-construction sides) and form a drawing deck, then draw cards until 10 kinds of cards revealed. These cards drawn forms the Market, and players can buy only from this Market. The market will be replenished as a player finishes a pile in the Market.

This new Harbor rule made Machi Koro games completely different from its base game, more strategic, and more random.

I feel that this Harbor rule should be played even in the base game, after all players learn the basis of Machi Koro.

Machi Koro: Harbor Expansion preparation

As mentioned above, in Machi Koro: Harbor Expansion game, all cards except for yellow-backed cards should be shuffled and form a drawing deck. And as purple-colored Major Establishments cards can be purchased once and any player can have only one copy of them, all excess purple cards should be removed in the game preparation phase. Alternatively, if you find all players already have one copy of a Major Establishment, remaining copies of that Establishment will be removed from the Market and as revealed.

To prepare the Market, at least 10 cards will be revealed from the draw deck. In case multiple copies of a kind revealed, they form a pile, and additional cards are drawn until 10 piles are formed in the Market.

Harbor expansion game

As players buy cards from the Market, a pile will be run out soon. Immediately after a pile is running out, cards are revealed from the draw deck until 10 piles are formed again. 

Other than the Market rule, there are some changes in Harbor Expansion games. Two Landmarks and One starting Landmark were added to the games. A player wins when all Landmarks are built.

Landmarks added in Harbor Expansion are City Halls, Harbors, & Airports. All of these Landmarks give players more income. Other rules are the same as the Machi Koro base game.

Cards added in Harbor Expansion

3 Landmarks

  • City Hall (No cost)
    • After dice rolls resolved, get 1 coin if you do not have any coin.
  • Harbor (cost: 2)
    • If your dice total are 10, 11, or 12, you may add 2 to the total.
    • With this, you can obtain income from 13 and 14. And you can avoid to profit others.
  • Airport (cost: 30)
    • If you did not build this turn, get 10 coins.

2 Major Establishments

  • Publisher (cost: 5) (roll: 7)
    • Get coins from other players as equal number as number of Restaurants & Stores they own by themselves.
  • Tax Office (cost: 4) (roll: 8-9)
    • Get half of coins (round down) from other players with 10 coins or more.

3 Primary Industries (Blue cards)

Owners of Primary Industries can collect income from bank,  in any player's turn.

  cost roll income type
Flower Orchard 2 4 1 Crop
Mackerel Boat 2 8 3 (with Harbor) Fish
Tuna Boat 5 12-14 2d6 (with Harbor) Fish

2 Secondary Industries (Green cards)

Owners of Secondary Industries can only collect income from the bank, in their own turn.

  cost roll income type
Flower Shop 1 6 1 / each Flower Orchard Store
Food Warehouse 2 12-13 2 / each Restaurant Factory

3 Restaurants

Owners of Restaurants may collect income from the player who rolled the number. In case the turn player does not have enough coins before his income, owners can only collect coins before income. In such case, a restaurant owner in counter-clockwise order may collect income. (The next turn player might not get any income.)

  cost roll income
Sushi Bar 4 1 3 (with Harbor)
Pizza Joint 1 7 1
Hamburger Stand 1 8 1


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