Rule & Sequence of Bohnanza card game


Bohnanza is one of the greatest game to play. It is easy to learn and big fun to play with friends.

Rule and Seqeunce of Bohnanza

At the beginning Players have 2 fields to culture beans, and you may expand your fields into 3, paying a moderate cost. As you increase the amount of beans you cultivate, your income grows. However, you can only cultivate one kind of beans on each field; at the beginning you can seed up to 2 kinds of beans.

The sequence of Bohnanza are;

  1. Hands are basically treated in a First-In First-Out (FIFO) manner. You have to play the first card in your hand on the beginning of your next turn, and you can never arrange the order of your cards.
  2. After mandatory cultivation of your beans (1 or 2 beans at once), you next flip 2 more beans from the central deck.
  3. You must also cultivate these 2 beans or give away in trading with other players. In these trading, you and other players can give any of their hands away. Trading is not restricted by the FIFO order. 
  4. Then you and others have to start cultivations of beans you just got from the deck or in trading.
  5. Finally, you take bean cards from the deck. (number of beans is depending on the number of players)

In case you have to make cultivation but no fields available, you must harvest one of your fields. Harvest means you discard your beans, setting your income aside. Your income is shown on the bottom of bean cards. (e.g. Garden beans, total number of cards in the deck is 6, will give you 2 coins if you have 2 cards, 3 coins for 3 cards. But 1 card or more than 4 cards will not give you extra coins.) You can harvest your beans any time. (even at the end of the game)

If you get coins, flip bean cards into the coin-side, and keep them in your playing area. This means these cards are out of the game, unless you pay them for an extra field.

The game ends when the deck runs out for the 3rd time.


The people who have the most coins win!!

Playing Style

You should participate in trading. Otherwise, other players get big benefits as you suffer from the FIFO rule.


You may count the number of coins and beans left in the game, but I think Bohnanza is not the game to count and play hard.

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