Lovecraft Letter: New edition of Love Letter

Lovecraft Letter was released in May 2016 by Arclight Game, the original publisher of Love Letter. Love Letter was an evolutional card game. Love Letter is a fun game but players sometimes want to play more complexed, interactive card games. For those people, Lovecraft Letter may be a good candidate to be loved.

Basically, Lovecraft Letter adds cards with special powers.

Lovecraft Letter : Cthulhu-themed Love Letter

Lovecraft Letter is basically Love Letter, with Cthulhu-themed cards. There are several additional rules in Lovecraft Letter, unlike other Love Letter family card games, and these differences make Lovecraft Letter quite different from others.

2–6 players

One of the biggest changes from Love Letter is the maximum player numbers. Sixth player can play Love Letter! In Love Letter, the maximum number of players was 4. Although we have played Love Letter with 5 players, the 6th player could not join.

25 cards

What makes Lovecraft Letter playable with 6 players is the additional 9 cards. Nine of special powered cards have been added.


All of newly added cards have additional effects which are written in the red boxes below usual effects. They are called "狂気能力" which means "Ability of Insanity". Players who already discard one or more cards with these Abilities may choose to use the Ability of Insanity.

These Abilities are very powerful while "Insane" players face risks to be gotten out of the game.

Rules of Insanity

  1. Once players discard any card with a "insane" ability, those players get insane.
  2. An insane player must pass sanity checks before his turn.
    1. He flips cards from deck as many as "insane" cards he discarded.
    2. The player succeeds sanity checks if no "insane" cards are revealed.
    3. The player will be eliminated if any "insane" card is revealed.
  3. Insane players may choose to use "insane" abilities when he plays "insane" cards.

optional rules

Players can choose to use optinal rules;

  1. Do not hide which card players play. With this optinoal rule, every player must show whether he keeps a card he had before (it might be revealed to other players).
  2. Keep scores to decide the victor. If a player scores the 2nd "Sane" win or the 3rd "Insane" win, he can declare the victory. Artifacts are scored for "Sane" and the winner saves the world, and Cthulhus are scored for "Insane" and the winner destroys the world.

Optional rule #1 is recommended for beginners, and rule #2 can be recommended for all players.

Insane cards

Strength 1 : Deep One

Choose a player. If his card is strenth 1, he is out of the game. Otherwise, you name a strength and if his card was the strength, he is out of the ghame.

Strength 2 : 黄金の蜂蜜酒(honey ale)

Choose a player and look at his card. Then, you draw a card and play one of your cards.

Strength 3 : the Hounds of Tindalos

Choose a player and if the choosed player is not insane, he is out of the game.

Strength 4 : Book of Eibon

You will not be elimianated from the game. (You are immune to everything.)

Strength 5 : Mi-go

Choose a player, and you get his card. The choosed player gets a Mi-go's brain cylinder.

Strength 0 : Mi-go's brain cylinder

You lose. This card should not be included in the drawing deck.

Strength 6 : Nyarlathotep

Collect cards from all players then distribute cards to everybody.

Strength 7 : Shining Trapezohedron

If you have total of 12 or more strengths, you win the game.

Strength 8 : Cthulhu

If you have 2 or more insane cards in your discards, you win and get three Cthulhu "insane" scores. Otherwise, you lose.

Other cards and preparation

Strength 8 "Sane" card is the Necronomicon. As usual "princess" card, player loses if he discards the card. Additionally, player also loses if he reveals Necronomicon during sanity checks.

In preparation, Strength 0 "Mi-go's brain cylinder" will be removed from the pile.

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