Catan was called "The Settlers of Catan" earlier. Catan is the epoc making board game which established German board game as a category of games. I am not a big fun of Catan, because of mechanics & trading system implemented in Catan. However, people say Catan is still one of great games.

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Most recommended player number is 4 by 1142 votes.
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  • Klaus Teuber
  • Artist
  • Volkan Baga
  • Tanja Donner
  • Pete Fenlon
  • Jason Hawkins
  • Michaela Kienle
  • Harald Lieske
  • Michael Menzel
  • Marion Pott
  • Matt Schwabel
  • Franz Vohwinkel
  • Stephen Graham Walsh
  • Players (user votes shown on right) 3–4
    Player age ( 146 votes ) 8 (10 years old by designers)
    Playing time(min.) 120
    Language dependency of components ( 263 votes ) Some necessary text - easily memorized or small crib sheet
    Alternative names
  • Catan
  • Catan: Das Spiel
  • Catan: El juego
  • Catan: Gra planszowa
  • Catan: Il Gioco
  • Catan: Landnemarnir
  • Catan: O Jogo
  • Catan: Osnovna igra
  • Catan: Telepesei
  • Catane
  • Catanin Uudisasukkaat
  • I Coloni di Catan
  • I Coloni di Katan
  • Coloniștii din Catan
  • Colonizadores de Catan
  • Los Colonos de Catán
  • Les Colons de Catane
  • Les Colons de Katane
  • Os Descobridores de Catan
  • Los Descubridores de Catán
  • Els Colons de Catan
  • Katan
  • Katan no Kaitakusya
  • Katanas ieceïotâji
  • Katanas Ieceļotāji
  • Katani Asustajad
  • Katano salos naujakuriai
  • Katano Salos Naujakuriai
  • De Kolonisten van Catan
  • Naseljenci otoka Catan
  • Naseljenici ostrva Katan
  • Naseljenici ostrva Katan / Насељеници острва Катан
  • Naseljenici Otoka Catan
  • Osadníci z Katanu
  • Osadnicy z Catanu
  • The Settlers
  • Settlers fra Catan
  • The Settlers fra Catan
  • Settlers från Catan
  • The Settlers från Catan
  • The Settlers of Catan
  • Die Siedler von Catan
  • Οι Άποικοι του Κατάν
  • Заселниците на Катан
  • Колонизаторы
  • המתיישבים של קטאן
  • นักบุกเบิกแห่ง Catan
  • カタンの開拓者
  • カタンの開拓者たち
  • カタンの開拓者たち スタンダード版
  • 卡坦岛
  • 卡坦島
  • 카탄
  • 카탄의 개척자

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