Reef Encounter

Reef Encounter is a board game to grow your corals and fat your parrotfish. Change scoring system is the key to being the winner, and to achieve it you may want to control at least one of three game boards.

It has been out of print so that the price is much above its MSRP.

The designer of Reef Encounter, Richard Breese recently released another popular game, Keyflower and other Key-series.

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Rating:7.15718(by 4702 players)
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Reef Encounter
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Most recommended player number is 3 by 97 votes.
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  • Richard Breese
  • Artist
  • Juliet Breese
  • Mariano Iannelli
  • Players (user votes shown on right) 2–4
    Player age ( 12 votes ) 12 (10 years old by designers)
    Playing time(min.) 120
    Language dependency of components ( 33 votes ) No necessary in-game text
    Alternative names
  • Reef Encounter
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    Z-manWhat's Your Game$149.99

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