Got Lovecraft Letter, compared with Love Letter


I finally got a copy of Lovecraft Letter! Since there was no rulebook uploaded, I could only guess its rule.

Unfortunately, the rulebook and cards are all written only in Japanese. The name of the game Lovecraft Letter is in English, and the brand name Arclight is an English-base name.... however, everything else is in Japanese.

I will read closely and write another post about the rule and cards.

Basically, modifications in Lovecraft Letter are not many, but make the game quite different. I feel Lovecraft Letter has a better rule than Love Letter.

Number of cards, and players

Lovecraft Letter is playable with up to 6 players while Love Letter was only playable with 2 to 4 players. This was achieved by the  number of cards, 25. 

Love Letter was 16 cards and Lovecraft Letter has 9 cards with special powers.


Newly added cards have "insanity" abilities. These abilities are unique and very good to win. "Insanity" abilities are quite strong so that there are additional rules to control them.

To activate "insanity" abilities, players must discard (=use) one card with the "insanity" ability. After they use a card with "insanity". players should flip 1 card each for 1 "insanity" card discarded. If any of cards had "insanity" abilities on them, the player is eliminated (unless he/she was protected by the "insanity" ability).

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