Catacombs & Castles on Kickstarter


Catacombs & Castles is now on Kickstarter. Catacombs & Castles is a new dexterity board game, developed by the designer of the good, Catacombs.

Compared with the original Catacombs, Catacombs & Castles should be a shorter, competitive board game, which is preferable for most players. Catacombs & Castles does not require one of the players to be an overseer (game master).

The Kickstart project will be funded on June 26, 2016, so that it is 36 hours to go.


Catacombs was first published in 2012, and now the third edition is available on the market. It won several awards including Golden Geek Best Innovative Board Game in the Board Game Geek.


It is not easy to buy a copy of Catacombs even though the latest 3rd edition was released in 2015. For those who want to play dexterity board games but not race games, Flick' em Up! could be the choice.

Catacombs & Castles

Kickstarter project is now available for the next generation of Catacombs, Catacombs & Castles.

The introductive video is impressive. After I watched the video, I want a copy of Catacombs & Castles.

The pledge looks a bit over-priced, however, you may also notice that Catacombs is now not available under $100.


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