Baseball Highlights: 2045 – Super Deluxe Edition, City of Horror, A Las Barricadas! (6/30/2016)


Daily deals on June 30, 2016


  • Baseball Highlights: 2045 – Super Deluxe Edition (2015) @ $42.99

Baseball Highlights is a card game of baseball in a fantasy world. Super Deluxe Edition contains 7 expansions for Baseball Highlights.


  • City of Horror (2012) @ $14.00

City of Horror is a zombie-themed board game for 3 to 6 players. If you like zombie games, City of Horror is one of choices.

  • A Las Barricadas! (2006) @ $41.99

A Las Barircadas! themes the Civil War in Spain started in 1936. A Las Barricadas! is a kind of classic war games for 2 players. It looks a good game although its components are not well illustrated but written in texts.



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