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Japanese designer, Seiji Kanai just released the new card game, Lovecraft Letter on April 9, 2016, from ArclightGames. Lovecraft Letter has neither information nor even an entry in BoardGameGeek yet.

The game is written in Japanese and only available through the Japanese retailers so far. I want to take a copy of Lovecraft Letter and might get one soon.... hopefully.

I do not have mine and there is no rulebook available, however, I try to gather information about the card game.

Cthulhu-themed "Love Letter"

Lovecraft Letter is a reimplementation of another card game, Love Letter. Love Letter is a small card game with 16 cards, and re-editioned versions of Love Letter count more than 10 now. However, Lovecraft Letter is not one of them. 

Lovecraft Letter is a card game with 25 cards in a game, and playable with 2 to 6 players, while Love Letter has 16 cards for 2 to 4 players.

Special cards of insanity

Lovecraft Letter has additional cards with "insanity" abilities, which are quite useful.

For example, 

  • If you discarded two or more cards with "insanity" abilities, you win. Otherwise, you lose.
  • Take all cards from other players and redistribute them as you like.
  • Take a card from another player, and give him a specific card.


Insanity is one of the features described in Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.

In Lovecraft Letters, once a player discards a card with the "insanity" ability, the player gets insane. After that, every turn the player should make SAN check (sanity check) by flipping a card from the deck and if SAN check fails, the player is out of the game.

Insane players can use "insanity" abilities by discarding cards.

A winner of the round receives score chips and the player who scores 3 insane tokens or 2 normal tokens, is the winner of the game.

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